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Friday, November 18, 2016

Lucille Clifton vs. White Supremacists

The Huffington Post reports that Jeff Sessions, the man #NotMyPresident "Trump will nominate as the 84th attorney general of the United States was once rejected as a federal judge over allegations he called a black attorney 'boy,' suggested a white lawyer working for black clients was a race traitor, joked that the only issue he had with the Ku Klux Klan was their drug use, and referred to civil rights groups as “un-American” organizations trying to 'force civil rights down the throats of people who were trying to put problems behind them.'"

The KKK is a hate group, whose drug use is the least of their evil. They are killers, who wish to deprive civil and human rights to anyone who is not what they deem "white," heterosexual, and Christian.

In these darkening days of 2016, one of the poets who has been singing most loudly and profoundly in my soul is esteemed poet, Lucille Clifton. In love and in common cause, I offer this poem, "won't you celebrate with me," that sustains me, and hope will give you the courage to fight hate. 


  1. Just what we need... a reminder that we can and must survive the forces of hate and evil.
    Thank you.

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  3. Oh how I needed and feel empowered by this, acknowledging that I as a White woman have never felt anything close to what Lucille Clifton describes with such extraordinary power and succinctness- the truth. I agree with the person above. I also believe that this is a reminder that we must strategize, organize and act in order to, "...survive the forces of hate and evil." Thank you, Aliki Barnstone, and thank you, Lucille Clifton.